Red Notes

Italy 1980-81: After Marx, jail! The attempted destruction of a communist movement - Red Notes

A person in mime makeup, black and white

Red Notes' pamphlet charting the repression of Italy's 1970s extraparliamentary communist movement, when thousands of radical workers and intellectuals were swept into the country's jails.

Working class autonomy and the crisis - Red Notes

These are some excerpts from the Red Notes book, Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis

Some aspects of the class struggle in Portugal in 1976 - Red Notes

A pamphlet produced in 1976 about the development of class struggle in Portugal.

Workers' struggles and the development of Ford in Britain - Ferruccio Gambino

Ford strike, Winter of Discontent.

This essay by Ferruccio Gambino first appeared in the book Operai e Stato (Feltrinelli, 1972). It was translated into English and published by Red Notes in 1976 as their first pamphlet. The PDF file is in 2 parts, both about 4MB.

Italy 1977-8: Living with an earthquake - Red Notes

Bologna, 13th March 1977.

A superb pamphlet from a time when a very high level of class struggle dominated Italian society. Despite their differences - the state, church, fascists, Communist Party and unions were all united in opposition to the the radical social movement. In text and PDF format.

Reclus, Jean Jacques Elisée, 1830-1905

Elisée Reclus on his balcony in 1879

A short biography of French anarchist geographer and writer, famous for his travels, Elisée Reclus.