Raoul Vaneigem

The book of pleasures

All pleasure is creative if it avoids exchange.

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The Decline and Fall of Work

A reading of an extract from chapter 5 of Raoul Vaneigem's book the Revolution of everyday life.

Nothing is sacred, everything can be spoken - Raoul Vaneigem

Among the most influential members of Situationist International, Vaneigem is inspired by facts and debates on the agenda in order to rip apart the certainties of the right-thinking self-righteous and the claims of those who stand in judgement and censorship. A provocative pamphlet in the wake of the enlightenment and libertarian tradition.

In the cauldron of the negative - Jean-Marc Mandosio

A critique of the Situationist International, emphasizing the divergent trajectories of Guy Debord and Raoul Vaneigem, focusing on the role of the concept of alchemy in the SI’s theory of the revolution, with discussions of, among other topics, revolution as “transmutation”, the alchemical proto-dialectic and its relation to the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic of “supersession”, Vaneigem’s alleged debt to Schopenhauer (the “will to live”), André Breton and the “alchemy of the word”, the meaning and origin of the metaphor of the quest for the “evil Grail”, the enigmatic Hamburg Theses, and the “contradictions” of the SI’s favorable attitude towards automation and technology.

Observations on The Communist Manifesto - Raoul Vaneigem

The Communist Manifesto

Some thoughts by Raoul Vaneigem published in 1994 as a postface to The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

In Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem - Hans Ulrich Obrist

The Tree of Guernica directed by Fernando Arrabal

Interview with Raoul Vaneigem on the future of anarchism post 2009.

Notes on the SI's direction - Raoul Vaneigem

Raoul Vaneigem

Written by Raoul Vaneigem in March 1970 this text critiqued the movement of the SI towards pure councilism and sought to reaffirm the group's connection with the working class by applying the tactics of the Strasbourg scandal to the workplace.

What's Free is the Absolute Weapon - An Interview with Raoul Vaneigem

Raoul Vaneigem

An interview with Raoul Vaneigem, author of the Revolution of Everyday Life, in the Winter of 2011 by Siné Mensuel.

A cavalier history of surrealism - Raoul Vaneigem

The Key to Dreams - Magritte

This book, written by Raoul Vaneigem in 1970, offers a Situationist perspective on the history of the Surrealist movement and its relationship to revolutionary politics.