A Victim of Power (Corp) and Police: The La Presse Conflict and the Tear Gas Suffocation of Michele Gauthier

A report on the 1971 conflict at La Presse and the police killing of socialist feminist Michele Gauthier. The broader struggle against Power Corp., the impact of the police killing, and the development of the Common Front and subsequent general strikes.

Organize to strike, fight to win! Quebec's 2012 student strike

Organize to strike, fight to win! Quebec's 2012 student strike

A pamphlet analysing the 2012 student strikes against tuition fee rises in Quebec.

The history of the Quebec student movement and combative unionism

An article by Jerome Raza on the history of student syndicalism in Quebec and the conditions which gave rise to Classé.

Fragility & Heartbreak, Michigan, Night 26

I keep meaning to write something about the abrupt halt to my "Dispatches from Maple Spring" posts -- written during the best summer of my life in the rebellious, romantic city of Montreal. In fact, I have two unfinished stories languishing in my Wordpress box and several pieces I've been meaning to write. Hopefully I'll have the energy, focus, and stomach for writing again soon about the Quebec student strike and other related politics, but also, first, about the surreal turn in my own life.

Fragility and heartbreak, Montreal, night 115

Cindy Milstein on the Québec student strike as some general assemblies start to vote to return to class.

"Open Letter to the CFS": Response from Activists in Quebec

A response by Quebec activists to Ontorio students who called upon their representatives at the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) to mobilise a similar strike.

AnarchoPanda: Philosophy on the sidewalk

For several weeks a panda mascot has been at the front lines of the student protests. This anachronistic two-toned teddy arouses and improbable wave of sympathy. At Tuesday’s big protest, the panda was no longer threatened with extinction: stuffed animals and drawings were shown by protesters, some even saying “Panda for president”. Thursday, he was welcomed as a star in Québec. Tonight he hopes to get itself arrested. An interview with a prof who, beneath his fur, makes philosophy on the sidewalk.

Canadian Labour Congress sells out students!

Attached documents from the Provincial Labour Central of Quebec and the Canadian Labour Congress designed to wipe out any Canadian union assistance to the radicals in the Quebec student movement.

Quebec student strike 2012 photo gallery

Photo gallery of the 2012 Quebec student movement against the government's proposed rise in university tuition fees.