propaganda by deed

The plot to assassinate Franco from the air, 1948 - Antonio Tellez

The incredible story of the ultimately unsuccessful attempt by Spanish anarchists to assassinate military dictator General Franco from the air in 1948.

Trunk, Johann Sebastian, 1850-1933

Johann Sebastian Trunk

Short biography of transnational anarchist Johann Sebastian Trunk, by Jared Davidson.

Ravachol - Octave Mirbeau

Octave Mirbeau on the conviction of French revolutionary terrorist, Ravachol. Translated and introduced by Robert Helms.

The Tragedy at Buffalo - Emma Goldman

The assassination of William McKinley

Emma Goldman's defense of Leon Czolgosz, the anarchist who shot William McKinley.

Ravachol’s forbidden defence speech

On trial for murder after a series of bombings, the revolutionary terrorist Ravachol attempted to give the following speech, not to deny his guilt, but to accept and explain it. According to contemporary accounts, he was cut off after a few words, and the speech was never delivered. He was guillotined shortly afterwards.

The Bonnot Gang: The story of the French illegalists - Richard Parry

This is the story of the infamous Bonnot Gang: the most notorious French anarchists ever, and the inventors of the motorized get-away. It is the story of how the anarchist taste for illegality developed into illegalism - the theory that theft is liberating. And how a number of young anarchists met in Paris in the years before the first world war, determined to live their lives to the full, regardless of the inevitable - and tragic - consequences.

Dimitris Matsalis and individual terrorism - Liopetas-Agallopoulos case

Article on the use of individual terrorism by anarchists in 1890s Greece, focusing on the life of Dimitris Matsalis, a sandal-maker and anarchist who killed a banker and the Liopetas-Agallopoulos case.

The kind hearted executioner

Article about the assassination of police chief Colonel Ramon Falcon, responsible for the killings of 1500 workers, by anarchist Simon Radowitzky.

The Baader Meinhof Complex, directed by Uli Edel

This new German blockbuster adopts a relatively neutral view of 1970s urban guerilla group the RAF
Propaganda of the Oedipal Deed. Film review – Tom Jennings