The workers’ inquiry: what’s the point?

Joe Thorne looks at the history of the “workers’ inquiry” idea: from Marx, to Italy in the 1960s, to the present day. This fairly long article touches on debates amongst those influenced by operaismo about how we should relate to the modern workplace.

Prol-Position workers' questionnaires

Questionnaires for workers used by Prol-Position to investigate working conditions and workers' struggles.

Bad vibrations at China's extended workbench, 2008

A report on working life and the possibilities for struggle from a machine plant in Brandenburg, Germany in 2008.

Filipina workers in Romania, 2008

An account of some struggles of migrant workers from the Philippines in Romania in 2008.

Factory or Prison - Bangladeshi workers in Romania

Prol-Position on some struggles of Bangladeshi and Indian migrant workers in Romania in 2007-8.

1949-2007: Women workers in China

Wildcat analyse the situation, role and struggles of women in China from the Cultural Revolution until today.

China: The generation of unhappy workers, 2007

Wildcat analyse the history and current situation of urban state workers in China, the employer attacks on them and the workers' responses.

China's migrant workers

Wildcat's history and analysis of internal migration in China from the 1950s until today.

Comments on crisis: Stop looking into the headlights

Various thoughts from Prol-Position on the financial crisis beginning in 2008.

The unions on new grounds: When the workmate becomes a client

SEIU: a "new" organising union

Wildcat examine unions' recent trends towards employing activists and organising migrant workers and ask has anything really changed?