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Actions in Defense of Workers' Rights in OTTO Work Force Temporary Agency

OTTO Work Force action

In the beginning of February 2011 a campaign has started against the exploitation of workers in a Dutch based OTTO temporary agency.

Wildcat strikes of Czech workers in Hyundai and Dymos get massive attention

Around 20 workers left the welding shop in Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech in Nošovice near Frýdek-Místek (Czech Republic) during their shift on Tuesday 1st of December 2009. One day later there was an hourly wildcat strike in assembly hall at the same company. On 3rd December workers in Huyndai subcontactor Dymos organised an hourly work stoppage too. On 7th December the union called a “strike emergency” (a symbolic pre-strike measure to warn the management that unless they start negotiations a real strike action will be called) in Hyundai.