Starbucks protest graphics and flyers, 2008

Main graphic for Starbucks union-busting protest flyer

Graphics for a flyer created in 2008, Australia. On 24 April 2008, Starbucks fired barista Monica in Sevilla, Spain, for her activity on behalf of the CNT union. She asked to be identified by only her first name to avoid future employment discrimination. On June 6, Starbucks fired 2 year barista Cole Dorsey in Grand Rapids, USA, for his activity on behalf of the Industrial Workers of the World union.

Paris 68 posters

Image gallery of dozens of posters from the uprising which began in May 1968 in Paris, with English translations. Most of these posters were created by a collective of radical artists based at the occupied art school dubbed the "Atelier Populaire" ("popular workshop").

Everything we've won: they want it back - Anarchist Federation

Analysis and poster by the Anarchist Federation about the emerging anti-austerity movement and provisions for a libertarian alternative to the reformism of the Left and the TUC. Written for the March 26th "March for the Alternative".

Capitalist society poster

Inspired by the old I.W.W. "pyramid of capitalist system", this poster is a portrayal of class society as it appears to us today, drawn by

Vandalised Conservative adverts

Graffitied and vandalised Tory billboards for the 2010 general election. At we don't support any of the political parties, but the Tories seem to be the only ones who can afford billboards this year.

King Mob poster and image gallery

Posters, stickers and images produced by Situationist-influenced group King Mob.

Taken from

Libcom posters

Libcom posters, taken from publications by Not for flyposting.