Portuguese revolution

O Jornal Combate

A reflection on the journal, O Jornal Combate by its participants 30 years later. O Journal Combats was a journal published during the Portuguese Revolution which assisted the working class in reflecting on their struggles

Portugal: between two stools - Groupe de Liaison pour l'Action des Travailleurs

Portugal pamphlet cover

A critical account of the Portuguese revolution by the French Liaison Group for Workers' Action, translated and published in English in 1977 by the Social Revolution Hull group, arguing that rather than a workers' revolution it was a top-down modernisation of the capitalist economy.

Ubu saved from drowning: worker insurgency and statist containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-1977 - Loren Goldner

Salazar and Franco.

An analysis of the end of the Salazar and Franco regimes and the transition crises that marked " the last major working class upsurges in the West in the era of the big factory".

The almost perfect crime: The misrepresentation of Portuguese anarchism - Julio Carrapato

Kate Sharpley Library pamphlet on the anarchist movement in Portgual before and during Salazar's rule. Taken from The Bastard Archive

History of ten years - Encyclopedie des Nuisances

Analysis of the outbreaks of class struggle in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Poland that took place between 1974 and 1984, published by the Encyclopedie des Nuisances in 1985.

Portugal: The Impossible Revolution (Book Review)

Short review of Portugal: The Impossible Revolution, which is available in the libcom library here.

Portugal 1975

Richard Swift on the Portuguese revolution.

Portuguese Diary 2: 1976 - Maurice Brinton

A second diary by Maurice Brinton describing some experiences in Portugal during 1976.