Poland and Russia

Early days of the socialist movement in Poland (1876-1893): International Social Revolutionary Party ‘Proletariat’


The International Social Revolutionary Party ‘Proletariat’ (Międzynarodowa Socjalno-Rewolucyjna Partia „Proletariat”, 1882-1886; aka the First Proletariat) was the first socialist party in Poland (at the time a territory divided by the Russian, German and Austrian Empires). The following is a timeline of its formation, growth and decline.

Programme of Polish socialists (1878)


The following programme, also known as the Brussels Programme, was written in 1878 by a group of socialists in Warsaw. Some of its authors included Ludwik Waryński, future founder of the International Social Revolutionary Party "Proletariat", Szymon Diksztajn, member of Proletariat and author of brochures popularising Marxism in Poland, as well as Stanisław Mendelson, one of the founders of the Polish Socialist Party.