Poland 1976-82

Direct Action #14 (1983)

Issue #14 of Direct Action, with articles on the arms industry, Stop the City, a CNT victory at Spanish supermarket chain Carrefour, the Polish mining industry, the ongoing Hindles dispute, bus fares in Teesside, the Thornton View hospital occupation, the Haymarket Martyrs, a post-mortem on the TUC's March for Jobs, radioactive waste, arson by disgruntled workers, the Vancouver 5 case, new Japanese management techniques, repression against Radio Libertaire in France, an anarcha-feminist conference in Doncaster, and more.

Direct Action #12 (1983)

Issue #12 of Direct Action, with articles on unemployment, a dispute at Aire Valley Yarns in West Yorkshire, industrial news, a report from an anarchist group in Poland, a report by Albert Meltzer from a CNT conference, reports on the anarchist movement in Japan, Italy and Ireland, a critique of letter bombs, a racist arson in Croydon, the eviction of a squatted peace centre in Sheffield, and more.

Direct Action #11 (1982)

Issue #11 of Direct Action, with articles on the Libertarian Workers Group and North American anarcho-syndicalism, the need for a general strike, a critique of the left parties, unreported riots in Liverpool, Towards Anarchism by Malatesta, the effects of tory economic policies, Czech dissident Ivan Jirous being imprisoned, a look at the managing director of Holcroft Castings in Rochdale, the pay of the rich, the anti-authoritarian left in Poland, a review of a pamphlet about the left groups, a dispute at Heathfields in Slough, and more.

Direct Action #09 (1982)

Issue #9 of Direct Action, with articles on CND, Bakunin on Marxism, the latest far-right developments, a Leeds DAM member arrested during the Bradford 12 trial, commando-style raids against workplace occupations in France, a review of the "We Want to Riot not to Work" pamphlet, the Catholic Church officially excommunicating anarchists, Poland and Solidarnosc, anti-terror legislation being used against trade unionists, French anarchists being excluded from an amnesty for political prisoners, life in "socialist Lambeth", Israeli anarchism, the Dutch squatters movement and more.

1980-1: Class Struggle in Poland

As a follow up to our recent article about Solidarność (see: we are republishing three of the leaflets that the CWO and Battaglia Comunista distributed in 1980-1 among workers in Britain, Italy, France, and the USA on the events unfolding in Poland.

Solidarność: Trade Unionism or Self-Organisation?

Political and economic crises led to the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc. The downturn in the post-war accumulation cycle, the Cold War, the USSR’s disastrous intervention in Afghanistan, as well as the popular revolts in Central and Eastern Europe all played a role. But it is the class struggles of 1980s Poland to which we turn our eye here.

"Solidarnosc" erare paŝis: 1989

Kritika artikolo pri la eniris de la sindikato "Solidarnosc" al la Pola Registaro.

Poland: Round II

Libertarian Workers Group picket line leaflet, Polish Embassy, New York City.

Summer in Gdansk - Solidarity

Solidarity booklet produced in late 1980 about the mass strikes in Poland which had just ended in huge victory for the workers who had made a mixture of economic and political demands.