Ang Werpa ng mga Institusyon para sa Kontrol at Dominasyon

An article on the power of institutions for control and domination with a note on the state.

Maikling komentaryo sa Dispalinhadong Pag-Unawa sa Ideya ng “Survival of the Fittest”

A social ecological commentary on the concept of “Survival of the Fittest.”

Ang Bawat Organismo ay may Puwang sa Daigdig Natin

A social ecological article written in Filipino.

Anarchism in the Philippines

An encyclopedic entry on anarchism in the Philippines

Direct Action #29 (March 1986)

Issue #29 of Direct Action, with articles on the Wapping, French Connection and Silentnight disputes, health and safety at work, privatisation at British Leyland, the push to turn workers into "self-employed" contractors, syndicalism and control, a review of a pamphlet about women's health in the workplace, a controversy over "natural childbirth" methods, resistance to the Fowler Review benefit cuts, international news from the Philippines and the French CNT, France '68, a special extra supplement on the Laings lock-out dispute in the construction industry, and more.

Notes on Autonomy & Anarchism

Some thought from Andrea Castro on anarchism, “authoritarian leftism,” and disability justice.
“Who is liberation for if only the fittest make it to the finish line?”

In Solidarity With Comrades Imprisoned in Malang and Tangerang, Indonesia

A solidarity statement from Safehouse Infoshop and the Local Autonomous Network on the ongoing anti-anarchist repression in Indonesia.

To a Free Press and Free Minds: An Anarchist Position on the Nullification of the ABS-CBN Franchise

A statement from the Bandilang Itim collective on the expiration of the ABS-CBN franchise.

Survival of the Fittest in the Time of Pandemic

An article dealing with survival of the fittest as mutual aid.

Fear and Favor: Freedom of the Press in the Archipelago

An anarchist perspective on the current situation of state repression of journalists in the Philippines.