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No Dash For Gas: We climbed those chimneys to kick-start protest and debate

West Burton power station chimney

EDF, the power company, has been denounced for attacking the right to protest, after it launched a damages claim for £5 million against 21 activists. Here one of them explains what No Dash For Gas is aiming at

Taranto community refuses false choice “health vs jobs”: an example to follow

Residents and workers - against blackmail and tumours!

A "committee of free thinking residents and workers" is demanding that the bosses pay to clean up Italy's biggest steelworks, rather than close it down

The trouble with “economic growth” – Gabriel Levy

Mineworkers at work in South Africa

This article (edited version of a talk) argues that the idea of “socialist economic growth” should be junked. Socialism is about human happiness, not simply about more stuff. The article suggests socialist responses to arguments about “sustainability” and the environment.

Support Pussy Riot by all means. But support the Kazakh oil workers too

Kazakh oil workers on strike, July 2011

A campaign is building to free oil worker activists jailed in Kazakhstan, where last year's strike culminated in a massacre that left at least 16 dead and 64 wounded