Intercom: The Ultra-Left Review

Publication produced by members of a range of UK ultra-left/libertarian communist groups in the early 1980s, including Wildcat.

The Way to Power

The Way to Power, 1913 pamphlet from the Socialist Party of Canada by J. B. Osborne

1989-90 - Beninese campaign for economic justice and democracy

In 1989 students, teachers and civil servants in Benin began strike actions in protest at the governments freezing of scholarships and the four month delay in wage payments in 1988. The government's stalling and repression dragged the campaign on into 1990 and escalated the conflict to the point where the regime crumbled.

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada 1920

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada 1920
Preface to 5th Ed

Wildcat journal (UK)

Partial online archive of the magazine of the UK communist group Wildcat, published in the 1980s and 1990s.

The continuing appeal of nationalism - Fredy Perlman

An excellent analysis by the late Fredy Perlman of the enduring appeal of nationalism to statist rulers of both left and right.