Paul Trewhela

The Angolan massacre of May 27 1977 - Paul Trewhala

Two articles by South African communist Paul Trewhela on the 27 maio 1977 massacre in Angola.

Paul Trewhela was a member of the South African communist party in the mid-'60s, was imprisoned for three years, then worked with Baruch Hirson in exile.

Inside Quadro: End of an era

The anti-Stalinist radical Paul Trewhela on the authoritarianism of the African National Congress in exile during the struggle against apartheid.

Paul Trewhela - Financial Sanctions and the Future of South Africa

In this February 1990 article from Searchlight South Africa, Paul Trewhela details the motives behind capitalist support for financial sanctions of South Africa against apartheid.

Mbeki, Thabo

Critical biographical notes on Thabo Mbeki, excerpted from a contribution to the New York Review of Books by the anti-Stalinist historian of the ANC Paul Trewhela in 2000.