Paul Petard

Communism before the revolution - Paul Petard

Internationalism - P. Petard

Paul Petard discusses the unobtainability of a future human community, unless the current struggle to meet needs and desires becomes the primary focus.

The Good and Bad Old Days - The Whinger

The following notes look at various developments in employment, unemployment, and industrial struggles, mainly in the UK, through the period of the sixties, and up to the mid-seventies.

Socialist Substandard: 100 years of the socialist party of 1904 - Paul Petard

SPGB 1905 conference

The fundamental flaws in the parliamentarian approach.

Housing Benefit

A short article from 'the Whinger' p. petard on proposed Housing Benefit reform.

Five Pounds and Five Pennies

A short article from 'the Whinger' P. Petard on the minimum wage.