Paul Petard

Mustn't Grumble?

A contribution to the "Reflections on J18" collection from Paul Petard.

Black Flag 235 (2012)

With workfare in the news at the time, this issue focused on the CWU union's enthusiastic support for its use in Royal Mail, alongside articles on the economy, Scottish Independence and the potential consequences of the collapse of the BNP.

For the centre spread, Tom L offered a a slightly different tack on the union question, looking at it from the ruling class point of view, while in history Jack Ray and Iain McKay looked at the 1934 Asturian miners' strike and the Pentonville Five campaign respectively.

Not forgotten, then or now. Review: book of Russian anarchist prisoner support bulletins keeps their memory alive

The Kate Sharpley Library and Alexander Berkman Social Club collectives have recently produced a beautiful book containing complete facsimile reprints of the Bulletin of the Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionists Imprisoned in Russia, and the Bulletin of the Relief Fund of the International Working Men’s Association for Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists Imprisoned or Exiled in Russia, which were originally published from 1923-1931.

Review; Mutual Aid: an introduction and evaluation by Iain McKay

A review of Iain McKay's introduction and evaluation to Peter Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, reviewed by Paul Petard.

Don't be an overtime addict - Paul Petard

This little booklet was produced by the anarcho-communist cartoonist Paul Petard in the early 2000s some time, when he was working at the Post Office in London.

Here it is as a collection of graphics files and in Kindle and epub format.

More politics please - Paul Petard

A booklet produced by anarchist cartoonist Paul Petard in 2003. One frame asks the question "Is the economic system really dynamic or just a bubble based on borrowed funny money?" Now, in 2011, we know the answer to that one!

A new job becomes available, and other doodles - Paul Petard

Various doodles produced by anarchist cartoonist Paul Petard over the last two or three decades, relating to various political subjects.

121: A brief personal trip down memory lane - Paul Petard

121 eviction party - April 1999

Paul Petard reflects on a squatted social centre, now evicted, that he used to frequent.

John Zerzan and the primitive confusion, by En Attendant - Paul Petard

Contented: cavemen happily deciding not to develop language or symbolic culture

Paul Petard reviews a pamphlet criticising the primitivism of John Zerzan.