Paul Mattick Jr.

On, Wisconsin - Paul Mattick Jr.

In the aftermath of the recent struggle in Wisconsin, Paul Mattick Jr. analyses the historical background to the rise and the current curtailing of the unions in the US and the attacks on the working and living conditions that are happening alongside this.

Capitalism's Dismal Future - Paul Mattick

An essay about the current crisis of capitalism adapted from Paul Mattick's book Business as Usual: The Economic Crisis and the Failure of Capitalism.

Social knowledge - An essay on the limits of social science - Paul Mattick, Jr.

Mattick Jr - 'Social Knowledge' cover

"This book deals with a fundamental question of social science - how is scientific knowledge of social life possible? And with a related problem - why does such knowledge still seem impossible, despite 200 years of intellectual effort?

Old left, new left, what's left? - Root and Branch

The Weathermen.

Paul Mattick Jr. takes a look at the 'New Left' and student movement at the end of the 1960s.

Review of David Harvey's Limits to Capital by Paul Mattick, Jr.

A very critical review of the popular Marxist intellectual's work.