Paul Buhle

Speak Out - Number 8, November 1966

Issue #8 of Speak Out - Bulletin of the Facing Reality Publishing Committee. Edited by Martin Glaberman. Pieces by Glaberman, William Gorman, George Rawick, Paul Buhle and J. Frank.

C. L. R. James′s Caribbean

C. L. R. James′s Caribbean

Drawing upon James's observations of his own life as revealed to interviewers and close friends, this volume provides an examination of James's childhood and early years as colonial literatteur and his massive contribution to West Indian political-cultural understanding. Moving beyond previous biographical interpretations, the contributors here take up the problem of reading James's texts in light of poststructuralist criticism, the implications of his texts for Marxist discourse, and for problems of Caribbean development.

Introduction to The Road to Freedom - Paul Buhle

A brief history by Paul Buhle of The Road to Freedom, an anarchist newspaper published out of New Jersey and New York from 1924-1932.

The search for a useable past: an interview with Paul Buhle on Radical America

An interview of Paul Buhle, the founder of the radical journal, Radical America.

SDS and the Wobblies: memories and observations - Paul Buhle

An article by Paul Buhle about the commonalities and limited crossover between the 1960s radical group, Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) and the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World.