Impastato, Giuseppe, 1948-1978

A short biography of Giuseppe Impastato, a communist anti-Mafia activist who was murdered by the crime organisation in 1978, but was originally blamed for his own death by the police and the media.

The 'pitchfork movement' shuts down Sicily for fourth consecutive day

Report on the struggle of the 'Pitchfork Movement' in Sicily which has seen a major blockades around the island (including the port of Palermo) for the past four days in protest against rising petrol prices.

Sicilian bin workers on strike, Palermo drowned in rubbish

Fifty piles of rubbish were set on fire last night in Palermo and rubbish seem to drown the whole city. The city bin workers refuse to do extra hours work because they do not want to get on vehicles that do not abide by the security standards.

Take over the city: community struggle in Italy - Lotta Continua

Excellent article from Lotta Continua about different struggles of workers in their local areas in 1973. It covers self-reduction of prices, squatting and more.