Belfast - Thousands march to oppose the cuts

Workers came out in their thousands in Belfast today to protest against government cuts that will see services slashed, benefits cut and an estimated 30,000 job losses.

Cuts and Taxes? General Strike Now!

NIC-ICTU Belfast rally against the cuts 29th September

Front page article from issue 5 of the Leveller, newspaper of Organise!, October-December 2010 issue.

Capitalist Democracy: The Illusion of Choice

Libertarian communist critique of representative democracy. Produced by Organise! in response to 2010 Australian election.

Assessment as control: a teacher’s experience of the pecking order in schools.


A London teacher speaks about their own experience of the use of assessment as a form of social control in schools. From the spring 2010 issue of The Leveller.

Jeff Monson set to fight in UK again

MMA fighter and anarchist Jeff Monson is to fight again in the UK later this year.

Defending education in 2009: London Anarchist Bookfair report

A brief report from the Leveller issue 3 about the 'Defending Education' meeting hosted by the Education Workers' Network at the 2009 London Anarchist Bookfair.

Belfast Antifa anti-BNP flyer


An Antifa flyer from the recent Belfast anti-BNP protests in Belfast.The recently formed Antifa Belfast had numbers at both protests mobilising significantly for the second. The group was involved in stewarding and gathering intelligence on the local fash.

Belfast Anti-BNP protest confronted by fascists

Belfast anti-fascist protestors are currently engaged in a stand-off with fascists in central Belfast at a protest over the British National Party (BNP) scheduled BBC appearance.

Loyalist Decommissioning

Organise! analyse the recent Loyalist paramilitary decommissioning.

Pumped Up Vigilantes?

A response to Derek Hanway's (director of Irish traveller organisation An Munia Tober) claims that those who defended the Roma under attack in Belfast in the summer of 2009 were pumped up vigilantes.