Practical Anarchist Organising - the Workers Solidarity Movement as a case study

This article describes and explains the internal organizational structure of the Irish anarchist group, the Workers Solidarity Movement, (WSM) as it was in 2008.

Anarchism, Ireland and the WSM

Kevin Doyle responds to James O'Brien and Andrew Flood on the Workers Solidarity Movement.

Platformism Without Illusions: An Interview with the Workers Solidarity Movement (2003)

An interview with the Workers Solidarity Movement, conducted by the US-based Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists in 2003. This interview was reprinted by Freedom News to mark the group's dissolution.

Working Collectively: Organisation or spontaneity? - Mick Larkin

If it is true that a little experience is worth a lot of theory, then eighteen months in a miners' support group should teach a great deal about organising. On the basis of just such experience Mick Larkin offers his thoughts on self-organisation and some of its difficulties.

Minor Threats And Attacks – 45 years of political experience in India

[VIDEO] How to Grow a Movement: Tips for Activists & Organizers

Advice that is useful for any organizer or activist, to help your organization or movement grow in both size and active participation.

This advice draws from two sources:

1. Social psychology

2. Real life examples of successful mass movements and organizing campaigns

This video is an episode of the Aktion Show, a weekly livestream about praxis and direct action, but includes a brief intro and outro that was not part of the show. Skip to 4:03 for the main presentation.

[VIDEO] Voting & Electoralism: Steelman Debates Steelman

This video is a debate between two fictional characters: One in favor of voting and electoralism, the other bitterly opposed.

My personal opinion is I don’t have a problem with voting but believe that electoralism is harmful. Regardless of whether or not you vote, we should focus on building a mass-movement to win reforms by our own actions and build our capacity for revolution.

This video was published two weeks before the 2020 U.S. election and uses it as an example. However, the issues discussed and arguments made can generally apply to any “democratic” country in any year.