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Cursory notes by spitzenprodukte on the evolution of a memetic non-demand.

The Open-Sourcing of Political Activism: How the internet and networks help build resistance

Strike! Occupy! Retweet!

An article by Guy Aitchison and Aaron Peters which deals with some of the issues of networked activism, its limits and potential in the context of the emergent anti-cuts movement. Written at the end of 2010 as a contribution to Fight back!, it forms part of Our Kingdom’s debate on the “networked society”.

Anonymous Anarchist Action hacktivist group founded

Join A(A)A at : (#anarchism) and

A(A)A is the first specifically libertarian communist grouping to emerge out of Anonymous, the world wide hacking network most famous for retaliation operations actions in late 2010 to the attacks on Wikileaks by the US Government.

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Philips Semiconductors weekend shift contract dispute, 2006

An account and interviews with workers involved in a dispute on working hours and weekend working at Philips Semiconductors in Hamburg in 2006.

Le Jura Libertaire, interview about the French anarchist blog

Translation of interview with contributor to "Le Jura Libertaire," a French anarchist blog.

Interview with a member of, 2007

A critical interview by Wayne Foster of Steven Johns from the libcom group, about the project and the general state of things.

Caution warned over security of new 'Wikileaks' website

A strong warning has been sounded by both a security expert and journalists for Freedom Anarchist Newspaper over the much-hyped 'Wikileaks' website, which claims it will provide a safe online environment for the mass leaking of sensitive or incriminating governmental materials.

MWR speech about web activism at the European Social Forum, 2002

Transcript of MWR member Bouncer's speech about the group internet activism at the European Social Forum in Florence, Italy, November 2002.

Virtual sit-in protest planned

An invitation to participate in a virtual sit-in in solidarity with striking students in France.