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[VIDEO] OK Boomer: Class War Not Generation War


Boomers get a lot of hate. The boomer generation is blamed for the awful state of the world, ruining the housing market, job market, and environment. Millennials and Gen Z are framed as their victims.

This discourse promotes a confused misunderstanding of power dynamics in capitalism. It stifles class consciousness and diverts attention from the systemic causes of our environmental and economic woes.

This video will discuss the Top 5 Reasons why this discourse is inaccurate and counterproductive.

On elder care work and the limits of Marxism - Silvia Federici

Text by Silvia Federici on elder care and its relationship with capitalism, feminism, and the left.

S02E002 - The graduate without a future (II) : Inter-generational justice

The second show follows on from the previous discussion about the ‘graduate without a future’ by looking at austerity through the lense of generational justice. What does such a lense contribute to political debate? Should those subjects ‘without a future’ see such a lense as a locus around which to organise or is it instead a wedge that obscures political antagonism under capitalism, namely class?

The elderly need to start taking responsibility for themselves

The elderly need to start taking responsibility for themselves says Andrew Lansley. There was me thinking that by paying tax and national insurance all your life, that you were taking responsibility for yourself.

Public sector pensions


Factsheet about the issues around pensions for workers of public sector organisations.

Private sector pensions


Factsheet about the issues around pensions for workers of private sector companies.

Pensions crisis


An in-depth look at the pensions crisis currently hitting the UK, affecting pensions of both public and private sector workers.

Older workers sacked in pre-emptive strike

Complaints of older workers being sacked have increased dramatically in recent weeks, reports Age Concern, which it attributes to a preemptive strike by employers to avoid age discrimination laws.

University of the Third Age: the unlikely Bakuninists

A massive, unsung, but very anarchistic educational network is spanning the UK. Martyn Everett investigates.