Swoosh - Phil A. Neel

Swoosh by Phil Neel

Through a discussion of Nike's Flyknit this essay deal with recent struggles and socioeconomic/technological trends in China, their relation to changing fashions in the West and possible forms of resistance that may emerge in global supply chains..

More shoe factory strikes in Vietnam

Two more shoe factories in Vietnam were on strike this month, as 4,000 workers walked out in Ho Chi Minh City while 3,000 struck at a Taiwanese owned factory in southern Long An province.

Nike plant remains closed following strike in Vietnam

Following a 17,000 strong strike for higher pay, the Taiwanese-owned plant has locked out workers since Wednesday after violence broke out during the return to work.

Vietnam: Over 10,000 Nike workers walk out

Workers at the Tae Kwang Vina plant, 19 miles northeast of Ho Chi Minh City are demanding higher salaries and increased cost of living allowances.

Vietnam: Wildcat strikes win pay hike

More than a dozen strikes by more than 40,000 workers in Ho Chi Minh City's export processing zones have forced the Vietnamese government to raise the country's minimum wage by nearly 40 percent.