Nicolas Walter

The Blake Escape: Michael Randle Interview

Randle (left) and Pottle outside Wormwood Scrubs Prison in February 1989.

Black Flag interviews Mike Randle, one of the activists who freed George Blake from Wormwood Scrubs in 1966. (Interview from 1989)

Danger! Official Secret: RSG6 - Spies For Peace

A PDF of the notorious document produced by Spies For Peace in 1963 exposing "Regional Seat of Government 6" near Reading in Berkshire - a secret bunker for use by the rich and powerful in a nuclear war.

The Spies for Peace and after – Nicolas Walter

One of the definitive articles on Spies For Peace by one of the group's members, Nicolas Walter. Originally published anonymously in The Raven (1988).

The Raven #05 1988

An issue of The Raven journal from June 1988 covering various topics. Contents of extremely variable quality.

Includes an excellent article about Spies For Peace by Nicolas Walter.

Contents below.

Wildcat (London, 1970s)

Partial online archive of Wildcat, a monthly anarchist newspaper produced in London in the 1970s.

10 issues were published between September 1974 and July 1975. Contributors included Wynford Hicks and Nicolas Walter.

This Wildcat is not to be confused with the communist Wildcat newsletter and journal of the 1980s and 1990s.

Anarchy #049

Issue of Anarchy magazine from March 1965