Nicaragua: the Sandinistas repress the struggle of the pensioners

Account written by comrades in Costa Rica and Nicaragua of how the 'left' government in Nicaragua used both police and its political militias against the struggle of working class pensioners.

Announcing @latinlibnews: keeping you up to speed on Latin America in 140 characters

Announcing a new Twitter account that will provide irregular and brief updates on social movements and news of interest to libertarian communists in Latin America.

Nicaragua set to outlaw abortion

Pro-life campaigners welcome the proposed ban on abortion

Nicaragua is expected to approve a law that outlaws all forms of abortion today.

Nicaragua to ban abortion

Supporter: Ortega

The Nicaraguan government is threatening a complete ban on abortion, including in the case of rape and if the mother's life is threatened.

The Iran-Contra affair, 1986 - Noam Chomsky

Chomsky's brief account of the US selling arms to Iran via Israel in order to fund far-right paramilitary contras in Nicaragua.

The contra war in Nicaragua - Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky's account of the US-backed “contra” counter-insurgency in Nicaragua against the left-wing government brought to power on the back of a popular mass movement from below.