natural disasters

The Uses of an Earthquake - Harry Cleaver

Midnight Notes on the disaster communism and refual of work in the Mexican community of Tepito.

Abusing Resilience: The Filipino in the face of Disaster

An article critiquing resilience in the context of work under capitalism.

Disaster communism part 1 - disaster communities

Occupy Sandy: "mutual aid, not charity"

In part one of this three-part article, we look at the concept of disaster communism as it relates to the communities of solidarity and mutual aid typically formed in disaster situations.

Hurricane Sandy: Observatorio Crítico launches independent relief effort in Cuba

Translation of appeal for donations from Observatorio Crítico de Cuba, the independent Marxist grouping based in Cuba

L'Aquila's earthquake trial: scientists as politicians' puppets

Current news headlines in Italy concern the 6-year prison sentence given to seven scientists and officials found guilty of manslaughter.

Shock economy in post-earthquake Emilia

After the two big earthquakes that have hit Emilia over the past two weeks, local businesses have already begun to put the shock economy system in to practice.

Christchurch: A Class Quake

Tragically, a major earthquake hit Christchurch on 22 February. Much of the city has been destroyed, including about one-third of the Central Business District. At the time of writing, sadly 166 people have been confirmed dead, with the death toll expected to rise to 200. The quake has caused massive damage, estimated at somewhere between $10 to $20 billion. Possibly 10,000 houses need to be destroyed and 100,000 need to be repaired.

Call for a New Campaign to Build Refugee's Commune - Fissures

A statement on relief efforts by the Sanya Workers Welfare Center, Sanya Struggle Committee
and Anti-unemployment Struggle Committee in Tokyo.

Kill No One: Statement On the Fukushima Nuclear Accident - Fissures

This is a statement on the Japanese nuclear crisis by some local militants. It was translated and posted at the new blog Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus.

"Let's organize relief activities for the affected area by workers' unity and solidarity! Stop all nuclear plants immediately!"

A statement by the independent Doro-Chiba railway workers union about the recent earthquake in Japan and the government's response to it.