Murray Bookchin

Notes on the Death of Franco (Part I)

 Valle de los Caidos

Murray Bookchin's assessment of the Spanish strongman Francisco Franco after his death. Published in Fifth Estate #268, January, 1976.

Remaking Society: Pathways to a Green Future

Remaking Society is a primer on Murray Bookchin's pioneering and controversial ideas on nature and society. A major spokesperson for the ecology movement for over twenty years, Bookchin here uncovers the roots of today's global ecological crisis in the emergence of social hierarchy and domination.- Remaking Society

Urbanization Without Cities: The Rise and Decline of Citizenship

Murray Bookchin introduces provocative ideas about the nature of community and what it means to be a fully empowered citizen. He believes that the tensions that exists between rural and urban society can be a vital source of human creativity, thereby defining a new, richly imaginative politics which can help us recover the power of the individual, restore the positive values and quality of urban life, and reclaim the ideal of the city as a major creative force in our civilization. What is envisaged is an environmentally oriented politics, a new ecological ethics and a citizenry that will restore the balance between city and country and, ultimately, between humanity and nature.

The Murray Bookchin Reader

The Murray Bookchin Reader, edited by Janet Biehl

The Philosophy of Social Ecology: Essays on Dialectical Naturalism

This edition of The Philosophy of Social Ecology has been so radically revised that in many respects it is a new book. There is a new introduction, a new Preface and a new essay titled "History, Civilization, and Progress. - The Philosophy of Social Ecology

Murray Bookchin: Komunumismo, Naturo kaj Libero

Alfonso Lopez Rojo priskribi sur Bookchin kaj lia pensoj.

The Bernie Sanders Paradox: When Socialism Grows Old

Murray Bookchin's 1986 article analyzing Bernie Sanders' Burlington Vermont mayoral campaign and the aftermath is equally relevant in relation to his 2016 presidential campaign. Also includes a response from Brian Higgins and rejoinder from Murry Bookchin from the next issue.