Murray Bookchin


Foreword written by Debbie Bookchin.

Social Ecology and the Right to the City: Towards Ecological and Democratic Cities

This anthology develops the debates that began at the recent Transnational Institute of Social Ecology’s (TRISE) conference about the dire need to rebuild the social and political realities of our world’s cities. It discusses the prospects of radical urban movements; examines the revolutionary potential of the concept of “the Right to the City,” and looks at how activists, scholars, and community movements can work together towards an ecological and democratic future.

The Ecology of Feminism and the Feminism of Ecology

Ynestra King outlines the argument that links the critiques of feminism and ecology together and asserts that they are, in fact, inseparable. She proposes that the domination of men over women is the model for other forms of oppression, whether social or ecological. She concludes by calling for ecofeminist direct action to confront militarism and other forms of domination and violence.

Alternative Technology and Urban Reconstruction


A look at community development in Loisaida and the experience of CHARAS, a community group that introduced alternative technologies and organic food production to their urban neighborhood. In doing so they developed new forms of leadership and a directly democratic approach to community planning that, for a time, successfully contested the city’s plans for the transformation of their neighborhood.

Bookchin: A Critical Appraisal

This is the first comprehensive overview of the work of Murray Bookchin, the left-libertarian social theorist and political ecologist who is widely regarded as the visionary precursor of anti-corporate politics.

Art as Politics: The Future of Art and Community

Taking his cues from artists, thinkers, and movements as disparate as John Cage, Joseph Beuys, John Dewey, Social Ecology, and DIY punk rock, Adam Krause offers a bold prescription for the future of art and community.

The Revolution Will Be Hilarious and Other Essays

In this collection of essays, Adam Michael Krause describes the environmental and political dangers we face, as well as the mechanisms that keep them in place, while offering ideas on how to extricate ourselves from this terrifying predicament.

Social Ecology: An Ecological Humanism

In this essay taken from the book The Anthropology of Utopia, Dan Chodorkoff provides an introduction to the philosophy of social ecology.