Movie review

Movie Review: 'Richard Jewell' (2019)

A movie review about somebody falsely accused of terrorism.

Movie Review: ‘OFFICIAL SECRETS’ (2019)

Review of a movie about a whistleblower centering on the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Movie Review: 'MINAMATA' (2020)

A review of a movie about a Japanese village that suffered from industrial pollution.

Movie Review: ‘Six Minutes to Midnight’ (2020)

A review of a movie set in Britain on the eve of World War II.

More Reviews

Shorter reviews from Black Flag #219 (2000) including a James Bond film, The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War by Robert Alexander and books by Marge Piercy and Donald Rooum.

Movie Review: 'SAVAGE' (2019)

A review of a movie about gang life in Aotearoa.

The Economics of Used Cars

The human cost of selling used cars.

Movie Review: GUN CITY/LA SOMBRA DE LA LEY (2018)

A brief review of the movie Gun City/La Sombra de la ley (2018)

9 to 5: We're So Pretty. . . Pretty Vacant!

Nine To Five directed by Colin Higgins, story by Colin Higgins, Patricia Resnick, starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Funda, Dolly Parton

Reviewed by Caitlin Manning