Reaction on the Rise in the Russian Federation

Quiet sidewalk in front of Renova offices.

In Moscow a picket organized by the International Workers' Association (IWA-AIT) in solidarity with fired miners was banned.

Moscow: Picket at the Oblast Duma

KRAS-MAT pickets at Moscow Oblast Duma

On September 3 2015 activists of KRAS, the Russian Section of the International Workers' Association (IWA-AIT), took part in picketing the building of the Moscow Oblast Duma (the parliament of the Moscow region). The picket was conducted by groups of pensioners from various cities and by social organizations of Moscow and its Oblast.

An exhibition in Moscow: “The history of anarchism: sources”

Russian anarchist newspapers

The official opening of the exhibition “The History of Anarchism: Sources” will be held April 17 at the Centre for Social-Political History of the GPIB [State Public Historical Library] of Russia. Using the materials on display, it is possible to study the history of anarchism from Godwin, Proudhon and Bakunin up to our own times.

Support Irina Lipskaya, imprisoned anarchist and anti-fascist from Moscow

On 27th June 2013, the arrest of Irina was prolonged until 2nd October. She was arrested on 2nd July, 2012 which means that Irina has already spent more than one year in prison without a court appearance! The arrest of Irina was prolonged due to dubious claims made by her alleged "victims" that they have still not acquainted themselves with the results of the investigation.

Video footage of Pyotr Kropotkin's funeral

A photograph from Pyotr Kropotkin's funeral, 13th February 1921.

Video footage of Pyotr Kropotkin's funeral which took place from 10th to 13th February, 1921. It was documented by 'Section of social chronicles of all-Russian cinema and photo publishing'.

Two anarchists defending tenants from eviction are arrested in Moscow

On January 19th, 39 activists were arrested in central Moscow with anarchists among them. They were involved in a campaign protecting tenants from raiders. Next morning they were released, but two activists were then re-arrested and taken to the Khamovniki police station. They were detained for 48 hours with a criminal case under article 213 - hooliganism (5 year imprisonment) opened against them. The detainees' surnames are Pogosov and Polozenko.

Occupy Abai - day 8

One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in
Moscow - 14th of May

Moscow anarchists on electoral corruption demonstration

A brief report on the activities of Moscow anarchists during the massive protest on the 24th December, against Putin, Medvedev, and electoral corruption.

The Black Guards

Putilov factory meeting - Petrograd 1917

A short account of the Anarchist Black Guards and their suppression by the Bolsheviks in Moscow in 1918

Moscow/Khimki: the battle with the adminstration heats up

In recent days, the battle to stop the destruction of the forest in the Moscow suburb of Khimki has heated up. Activists have been protesting the building of an $8 million high speed toll highway between Moscow and Petersburg. This highway would destroy beautiful forestland around Moscow. Environmentalists say the highway can bypass the old oak forest.