1921: The Mitsubishi-Kawasaki Strike

A dissertation about the largest strike in pre WWII Japanese history by workers at the port of Kobe. The strike was an attempt by the workers to supplant the authority of management and secure their own autonomy. The text also covers the industrialisation of Japan and the early development of the Japanese labour movement.

Japan's wartime use of colonial labour: Taiwan and Korea (1937-45)

A thesis detailing the extent of the exploitation of colonial labourers of Taiwanese and Korean origin as Japan mobilised for war, the conditions of the workers and their resistance.

1918: Rice riots and strikes in Japan

From July-September 1918, Japan was swept with a wave of riots from rural fishing villages to major industrial centres and coal fields, in what was the largest upheaval in Japan to date, and the widest ranging popular disturbances since the unrest during the Meiji restoration of 1868.

Holland: Mitsubishi workers wildcat strike over plant closure

Mitsubishi workers took wildcat strike action last week over worries that DaimlerChrysler would close their plant when Smart ForFour productions ends.

Netherlands: Wildcat strike at DaimlerCrysler

Born NedCar plant

Workers at the Born NedCar plant walked out yesterday in a row over job cuts. The Dutch manufacturer NedCar is a joint-venture of DaimlerCrysler and Mitsubishi.