Miners strike 1984-85

Letter: Anarchists and the Miners’ strike - again

A further exhange in Black Flag on the "The Miners and The Left" article in Black Flag no. 114. (vol. 7, no.6C) 1984.

Letter: The Miners’ Strike and the Anarchists

A further exchange of letters to Black Flag on the "The Miners and The Left" article in Black Flag no. 114. (vol. 7, no.6C) 1984.

Letters: The Miners and the Left

A letter to Black Flag on the "The Miners and The Left" article in Black Flag no. 114. (vol. 7, no.6C) 1984. Includes a reply from the author.

The Miners and the Left

The activities of certain of the groups of the ‘revolutionary left’ during the present miners strike raise whole questions about what is and what is not solidarity?

Working Collectively: Organisation or spontaneity? - Mick Larkin

If it is true that a little experience is worth a lot of theory, then eighteen months in a miners' support group should teach a great deal about organising. On the basis of just such experience Mick Larkin offers his thoughts on self-organisation and some of its difficulties.

The Miners & Social Change - Albert Meltzer

Albert Meltzer on the miners strike and its critics.

Transcribed by Kate Sharpley Library.

Black Flag vol 07 #123 (1984)

An issue of Black Flag magazine from 10th December 1984. Including: Miners' Strike, UK and international news, Birminghm Stop The City organisers harassed by cops, student protests against cuts aggravate London cops, Ulster Freedom Fighters and the SAS, The Murrays and legal support, Black Flag vs Freedom again, leaked document - Civil Disorder Holding Centres Exposed: an 11 acre site adjacent to the River Thames.

Communities of resistance unite! The Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre (1980-1994)

This paper looks into the history of the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre (EUWC) and the struggles of anti-authoritarian revolutionary groups in Edinburgh during the 1980s and early 1990s. Grassroots and direct action oriented groups started to organise together in the early 1980s against the various attacks on the working class. They were often based in the EUWC and developed highly sophisticated forms of community resistance which culminated in their crucial role in the Poll Tax rebellion.

Direct Action #26 (July 1985)

Issue #26 of Direct Action, with articles on miners in prison after the strike, planned Europe-wide cuts in the coal industry, abortion and scientific research, a report from a Bolton DAM meeting addressed by a formerly imprisoned miner, racism, industrial news including a strike at Golden Wonder crisps and the Windsor Castle pub in Liverpool, the history and present of the IWW, opposition to nuclear power in Italy, the Fowler review of the benefits system and welfare cuts, football violence, a continued debate about the "Future is Ours" article from issue 21, and more.