Mike Davis

Short comments on Mike Davis’ “Old Gods and New Enigmas - Notes on Revolutionary Agency”

We decided to read and discuss Mike’s text because the question he is asking is a pertinent one: ‘who can become a social force of revolution?’ By looking at what constituted revolutionary agency during the peak-time of working class radicalism between 1870 and 1920, we can perhaps better assess our chances in the present.

The grit beneath the glitter: tales from the real Las Vegas - Hal K. Rothman and Mike Davis

Series of articles and perspectives on how Sin City became one of the most unionised cities in the USA today, and those that have made up the membership.

City of quartz: excavating the future in Los Angeles - Mike Davis

Mike Davis peers into a looking glass to divine the future of Los Angeles, and what he sees is not encouraging: a city--or better, a concatenation of competing city states--torn by racial enmity, economic disparity, and social anomie.

Ten Immodest Commandments

Mike Davis gives 10 pointers to Occupy activists based on his experience in the New Left.

The stopwatch and the wooden shoe: Scientific management and the Industrial Workers of the World

Mike Davis on the introduction of Taylorist management techniques to break up workers solidarity, and the response of the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union.

Mike Davis's 'Planet of Slums'

Rio slums

A critical review of Mike Davis' influential book on the huge growth in squatter settlements around the world.