Mexican Revolution

Amelio Robles, gait of the old soldier: (Transgender) masculinity in the Mexican revolution – Gabriela Cano

Avila, centre

Detailed article about the life and gender identity of Amelio Robles Ávila, transgender Mexican revolutionary, written by Mexican historian Gabriela Cano.

The death of Ricardo Flores Magon

A tribute to the Mexican anarchist from a co-worker

The Mexican - Jack London

Jack London's short story about a boxer who prize fights to fund the Mexican revolution.

Land and Liberty

Land and Liberty, a theatrical work by Ricardo Flores Magon, translated by Mitchell Verter

The Magonista Revolt in Tijuana: A Prelude to the San Diego Free Speech Fight

(excerpt from Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never See; The New Press: 2003, by Jim Miller) An account of the revolt in Baja Mexico that peaked when the mixed rebel army captured Tijuana. The revolt involved a mix of Mexican anarchists, indigenous scouts and American Wobblies and Socialists.

Zapata of Mexico

Emiliano Zapata

A detailed look at one of the most iconic rebels in history: Emiliano Zapata by Peter E Newell. Chronicles the development of the Mexican revolution in southern Mexico.

La Meksikano Felipe Rivera: Jack London

Rankonto pri la vivo de Felipe Rivera, la Meksikano boksisto kaj revolucia. Skribis per Jack London en 1911 (eldonis en 1913).

La Mahagonciklo: B. Traven

Estas romanoj pri la tempoj antaŭ kaj dum la revolucio de l’ indiĝenoj en Meksiko. Ĉiuj romanoj estas tradukitaj de Hans-Georg & Dorothea Kaiser (Cezar &Donjo).

Volume 6 Issue 11

Issue of Mother Earth from January 1912. Articles by "MB" are written by Max Baginski.