McDonalds Workers Resistance

McDonalds Workers Resistance prank phone calls

Transcripts of prank phone calls by MWR in the early 2000s, including to a confused Richard Branson.

McDonald's Worker Resistance: Shaking the Golden Arches

William MacDougall writes for CounterPunch on McDonalds Workers Resistance, January 9, 2003.

Christmas card to senior management from McDonalds Workers Resistance

Text of a Christmas card sent to McDonalds senior management from rebel employee group McDonalds Workers Resistance, in 2000.

Are you getting screwed at work? - McDonalds Workers Resistance

An exciting, interactive feature from MWR to see how you are being treated at work and what you can do about it.

Ten things to do in McDonalds when it’s dead

I back the McWorkers

Top 10 things to do when you're working at McDonalds to liven up a shift.

Alternative crew handbook - McDonalds Workers Resistance

The notorious 'alternative crew handbook' produced by rebel McDonalds employees, containing everything a disgruntled worker and needs to know to get on in the job. This is the document management do NOT want you to read...

McDonalds Workers Resistance - analysis

Theoretical and analytical texts by McDonalds Workers Resistance.

Some critiques of McDonalds Workers Resistance

Radical McDonald's employee group MWR response to criticisms from different perspectives, including a manager and an eco-fundamentalist.

The trade union question - MWR

McDonalds Workers Resistance on the trade unions and their relevance for McDonalds workers.

McDonalds: not/just another company

McDonalds Workers Resistance on their employer, what is unique about it and what is the same about it as every other corporation .