Martin Glaberman

Speak Out - Number 8, November 1966

Issue #8 of Speak Out - Bulletin of the Facing Reality Publishing Committee. Edited by Martin Glaberman. Pieces by Glaberman, William Gorman, George Rawick, Paul Buhle and J. Frank.

The Correspondence Booklet (1954)

The 1954 pamphlet "The Correspondence Booklet: Selections From a Paper That is Written, Edited and Circulated by Its Readers."

The Grievance - Martin Glaberman

Martin Glaberman's chapbook 'The Grievance'. This was published as a 'little book' on Stan Weir's Singlejack press in 1980.

Martin Glaberman, Theory and Practice

Facing Reality Publishing Committee, Detroit, 1969. With an introduction by CLR James

Slaves and Proletarians: The Debate Continues

Martin Glaberman responds to Noel Ignatiev on the question of whether slaves are proletarians.

6 underrated Marxists who don't get enough love

It's a sad fact that many of the most radical Marxists, whose participation in working class struggle and ideas challenged not only capitalist society but also the social democratic and Leninist tendencies in the workers' movement tend to get ignored by anarchists and Marxists alike.

Does Freedom of Speech Include Fascists?

Protest against Gerald K Smith in Minneapolis, 1946

Martin Glaberman's 1945 response to Judah Drob of the Socialist Party, who had been arguing against anti-fascist pickets.