More spontaneous blockades

A round-up of some of yesterday's (31 March) school and office occupations and blockades of roads and railways against the CPE.

2,000+ invade Gare de Lyon train station, Paris

Marseille rail blockade

tf1 is reporting that over a thousand youths have invaded the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris. Le Figaro is now putting the number involved at 2,000, saying they have occupied the TGV lines.

An account from our reporter in Marseille

An account of the day's events from our reporter in Marseille as a red and black flag flies over city's Town Hall.

130,000 protest against CPE in Marseille

Organisers of the Marseilles anti-CPE demonstration have given figures of 130,000 on the streets of the port city according to Le Figaro.

Marseille youth operate free toll on subway

Young people pile on the pressure to stop the CPE, with ingenious tactics.

Anti-CPE Movement: Marseille school students demonstration, 8th March 2006

Several thousand school students demonstrate against the CPE in Marseille, March 8th.

One million throng streets in towns across France

Around a million took to the streets today to join protests against the CPE.