Alérini, Charles, 1842-1877+


A short biography of French anarchist revolutionary and First International activist, Charles Alérini.

Bastelica, André, 1845-1884

Fallen: The Paris Commune

A short biography of First International member, brilliant agitator and organiser of the Marseilles working class, André Bastelica.

France: Marseille dockers win strike

Marseille Port

Marseille dockers agreed to go back to work on Saturday after the Port of Marseille agreed that workers hired for the new gas terminal would be employed directly by the docks rather than allow GDF (Gaz de France) to use its own staff.

Action against Nestle factory closure, Marseille, 2004

Casual workers strike in the schools of Marseilles, 2003

Deputies examine CPE replacement text as smaller demos continue

Students outside the offices of Bleu Isère radio station

The deputies have this evening started to examine the private bill which replaces the CPE tonight.

The anti-CPE struggle continues in France

The withdrawal of the CPE was announced today. This is a victory for the protesters, however the government still has the ability to strongarm similar legislation through and has not withdrawn the other parts of the new law package.

France: 'La Lutte' continues?

Demonstrations are planned for tomorrow as many universities maintain the pressure on the government, with some hoping for the extension of the struggle.

Anti-CPE Movement: Marseille, 4th April 2006

Photos of the April 4th 2006 demonstration against the CPE in Paris. Photos from

Lyon and Marseille blockade updates

A report on student protests from Lyon II University, and an unconfirmed report of a student wounded by a car driver who drove into demonstrators in Marseille.