Marcel van der Linden

Review: "Socialisme ou Barbarie." Un engagement politique et intellectuel dans la France de I'après-guerre

Marcel van der Linden reviews Philippe Gottraux's book on French libertarian socialist group, Socialisme ou Barbarie.

Second thoughts on revolutionary syndicalism - Marcel van der Linden

An academic article discussing what defines revolutionary syndicalism and the reasons for its decline since the early 20th century.

Western Marxism and the Soviet Union - Marcel van der Linden

Marcel van der Linden reviews various Marxian theories on the nature of the Soviet Union.

On council communism - Marcel van der Linden

Marcel van der Linden writes on council communism. In PDF format.

Socialisme ou Barbarie: A French Revolutionary Group, 1949-1965

An article about French libertarian socialist group Socialisme ou Barbarie - Socialism or Barbarism. SouB had a theoretical influence on the Situationist International and others of their time.