Truth about Vauxhall - Ken Weller

1967 reprint of Solidarity pamphlet 12 from 1962 about the situation at Vauxhall Motors in the UK. In particular it looks at how management had temporarily bought/enforced industrial peace and had suggestions on how workers could begin to fight for their interests.

EDL in Luton report

The English Defence League demonstration in Luton was the usual drunken mess. Malatesta reports.

Straight Outta Luton

Luton Town Hall before and after the Peace Day riot

A potted timeline of radical history of Luton and the surrounding areas produced for the Free the Spirit festival organised by the Exodus Collective in September 2000. An exhibition based on it was displayed as part of the South London stage at the festival, which was held on land next to the M1 Motorway in Bedfordshire. It was distributed as a leaflet and published on the Practical History website.

The Luton riots, 1919

Luton Town Hall smouldering after the riot

The history of the riots which flared up in Luton. Ex-servicemen and their families, angered by extravagant publicly-funded victory celebrations while they were unemployed and poor, took to the streets in protest.

Possible strikes at Luton, Birmingham and Heathrow

Fire and security staff at Birmingham airport have voted for 2-1 in favour of strike action in December over the sacking of two union organisers.