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[VIDEO] Who Pays for Capitalism?

People who are against socialism, or even just skeptical, often ask the question: Who pays for socialism?

Many believe it’s those with higher levels of income or wealth who pay for socialism. Not only is this a false conclusion, it’s based on a false understanding of socialism.

Rarely is capitalism interrogated with the same question. When it is, the answer from bourgeois economists is that capitalists pay for capitalism by funding production. It’s an answer, however, that leaves out more than it tells.

So who really pays for socialism? And who pays for capitalism? This video addresses both questions.

[VIDEO] OK Boomer: Class War Not Generation War

Boomers get a lot of hate. The boomer generation is blamed for the awful state of the world, ruining the housing market, job market, and environment. Millennials and Gen Z are framed as their victims.

This discourse promotes a confused misunderstanding of power dynamics in capitalism. It stifles class consciousness and diverts attention from the systemic causes of our environmental and economic woes.

This video will discuss the Top 5 Reasons why this discourse is inaccurate and counterproductive.

[VIDEO] Tax the Rich? New questions

• Is it justified that high-salary workers pay a high portion of the tax revenue? If so, what is that justification?

• Does paying a high portion of taxes mean they contribute more to society than other workers?

• Does the high market value of their labor, as reflected by their high salary, mean their labor contributes more social value to society?

• Higher tax for the rich is the progressive liberal solution to address inequality and provide better funding for public goods and services. But what is the socialist solution? (Note that I use the word socialist to refer to a stateless and classless society.)

[VIDEO] Tax the Rich? Why More Is Not Enough

A critique of both the conservative and liberal perspectives on taxing the rich.

PragerU and The Daily Wire misrepresent the facts to exaggerate how much tax the rich pay. However, a large portion of tax revenue is indeed paid by the rich. The argument that liberal progressives make to justify this is: Those who can afford more should pay more. But this accepts the belief that the rich subsidize and support the rest of us.

The opposite is true, at least when it comes to rich capitalists, i.e. the majority of the rich. It’s the working-class who support and subsidize the rich by producing their wealth.

[VIDEO] The Capitalist Propaganda of Multi-Millionaire Andy Puzder: A Response

Video length: 17:28

A response to two propaganda videos by multimillionaire CEO and author Andy Puzder where he argues that capitalism caters to human needs and empowers the masses as a form of economic democracy.

This response video debunks Puzder’s claims while also presenting a broader critique of capitalism more generally.

[VIDEO] Why Capitalism Doesn’t Work: A response to the video “Why Capitalism Works” by Prager University

Debunking the video “Why Capitalism Works” by PragerU, aka Prager University, and having a few laughs along the way.

The problems with capitalism are due to inherent flaws and failings within the system. It's not that individual capitalists are greedy. Greed can be an aggravating factor, but even well intentioned capitalists must make profit the priority.

The result is an economic system which sacrifices people’s lives and wellbeing and which threatens the future survival of human civilization and even the survival of our species, all for the sake of profit.

All this is discussed in more detail throughout the video.

[VIDEO] The Abuser Logic of PragerU

Responding to “Socialism Makes People Selfish” by PragerU, a video which tries to convince you it’s selfish to want a society where we're guaranteed what we need for wellbeing and survival.

PragerU uses “abuser logic” – a warped pattern of reasoning that abusers use to convince their victims they’re unworthy of decent treatment.

The working class is in an abusive relationship with capitalism and PragerU wants us to believe we’re unworthy of socialism (which I use as a synonym for communism) or even unworthy of stronger social welfare policies.

My video debunks and ridicules this capitalist propaganda.


[VIDEO] Meritocracy: Capitalism’s #1 Myth to Control You

Meritocracy: a sweet lie we’re told to make capitalism seem fair. But is this lie actually sweet? Is meritocracy something good to strive for, or is it trash?

This video will:

1. Discuss how belief in meritocracy is used to manipulate us into supporting a system that’s against our interests

2. Present evidence that meritocracy is a myth

3. Argue that capitalists get rich not by merit but by owning assets, and profit gained from this is a form of theft

4. Make the case that meritocracy is not a desirable goal

5. Present a preferable alternative to meritocracy described by Kropotkin in The Conquest of Bread

[VIDEO] How to Grow a Movement: Tips for Activists & Organizers

Advice that is useful for any organizer or activist, to help your organization or movement grow in both size and active participation.

This advice draws from two sources:

1. Social psychology

2. Real life examples of successful mass movements and organizing campaigns

This video is an episode of the Aktion Show, a weekly livestream about praxis and direct action, but includes a brief intro and outro that was not part of the show. Skip to 4:03 for the main presentation.

[VIDEO] Blaming Black People (Ft. Ben Shapiro & Sargon of Akkad) | [Radical Responsibility]

It’s common for conservatives and even centrists to believe that black people have a victim complex and that this sabotages their socioeconomic success. They think black people don’t make an effort to succeed because they blame their problems on racism and feel entitled to handouts.

This video essay draws on various research studies to debunk this dangerous myth.

Debunking the “black victim mentality” theory is important because it’s an ideological obstacle to addressing the systemic and institutional causes of black / white socioeconomic inequality.