Lotta Continua

An interview with workers at Fiat, 1970

1970s Fiats

Three workers from FIAT Mirafiori in Italy describe the experiences of the Southern immigrant coming to work in the industrial cities of the North. The conversation was recorded in Turin during December 1970.

Italy 1977-8: Living with an earthquake - Red Notes

Bologna, 13th March 1977.

A superb pamphlet from a time when a very high level of class struggle dominated Italian society. Despite their differences - the state, church, fascists, Communist Party and unions were all united in opposition to the the radical social movement. In text and PDF format.

1971: Via Tibaldi occupation

Aerial view of Via Tibaldi today

A short history of an occupation of empty housing in Italy by workers who had inadequate accomodation. Their direct action and solidarity forced the council to house hundreds of people.

Take over the city: community struggle in Italy - Lotta Continua

Excellent article from Lotta Continua about different struggles of workers in their local areas in 1973. It covers self-reduction of prices, squatting and more.

About the Revolution - Jacques Camatte

From Invariance Series 2 No. 2 April 1972. This translation was made by David Brown in 1982 and was intended to be published with a translation of 'Capital and Community: The Results of the immediate Process of Production and the Economic Work of Marx' and some other texts by Camatte. This didn't happen and it had a very restricted circulation as a photocopied manuscript until the early 90's when Unpopular Books (London) produced a limited photocopy edition.