Lotta Continua

The Magneti Marelli Workers Committee - the "Red Guard" tells its story (Milan, 1975-78) - Emilio Mentasti

The Magneti Marelli Workers Committee - front cover

This remarkable book about one of the high points of workers' struggles in Italy (and the world) in the 1960s and '70s is now available in English.

I'm making it available here in mobi and epub formats, so you should be able to read it on most electronic devices.

A paper copy of this book can be obtained from the publisher, Autonomedia/Minor Compositions:
And a fine paper copy it is! Nicely layed out and on good quality paper... And there's a free PDF for you to download too.

The Introduction to the English Edition is below.

Alfredo Bandelli (1945-1994), proletarian singer-songwriter of the Italian autonomist movement

Biography of Alfredo Bandelli, a working class militant and songwriter whose songs anonymously became the anthems of the 1968-1977 movements.

Italy 1980-81: After Marx, jail! The attempted destruction of a communist movement - Red Notes

A person in mime makeup, black and white

Red Notes' pamphlet charting the repression of Italy's 1970s extraparliamentary communist movement, when thousands of radical workers and intellectuals were swept into the country's jails.

Left wing extremists harass CCU strike leaders

Intensifichiamo La Lotta

A 1976 diplomatic telegram sent abroad by the Italian government informing of dangerous workerist intervention challenging the limits of an ineffective 4 hour token strike in Italian industry.

Italy: New tactics and organization

"Italy: New Tactics and Organization", Radical America, Vol. V, No. 5, September-October 1971.

Interview with Guido Viale

An 1973 interview with a member of Lotta Continua, an Italian anticapitalist organization linked to the operaismo and autonomia movements.

Take over the city - community struggles in Italy - Rising Free (1974)

Placard outside squatted housing in Milan, 1971

This pamphlet was produced by some people around the Rising Free bookshop in north London in 1974(?), and is concerned with community-based class struggle in Italy in 1969-73. It is largely a reprint of the article of the same name produced by Lotta Continua (also available on libcom). However, it also contains information about Italian immigrants in Germany in the early '70s, and lots of nice photos and cartoons from the same period.

Fighting For Feminism: The Womens Question in an Italian Revolutionary Group

A set of letters from the Lotta Continua newspaper discussing the relationship between feminism, Marxism, the women's movement, and Lotta Continua. Translated and introduced by the Big Flame group. (PDF format)

Italy: women in the Fiat factory

The following article was written by a Turin collective working on the problems of women employed by Fiat. It was published in Lotta Continua, February 1970.

Cultural revolution - Lotta Continua

Workers in Italy's hot autumn of 1969

This article gives a brief overview of some of the social changes that took place in the mass struggles in the late 60’s.