libertarian socialism

Philadelphia Wildcat - Jorge M.E.

May 1971 article by Jorge M.E. for Root & Branch #3 on the wildcat strike of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority in Philadelphia.

[VIDEO] Who Pays for Capitalism?

People who are against socialism, or even just skeptical, often ask the question: Who pays for socialism?

Many believe it’s those with higher levels of income or wealth who pay for socialism. Not only is this a false conclusion, it’s based on a false understanding of socialism.

Rarely is capitalism interrogated with the same question. When it is, the answer from bourgeois economists is that capitalists pay for capitalism by funding production. It’s an answer, however, that leaves out more than it tells.

So who really pays for socialism? And who pays for capitalism? This video addresses both questions.

The Origins of Collective Decision-Making by Andy Blunden

A history of majority and consensus decision-making structures used by direct-democratic assemblies of the sort advocated for by libertarian socialists

Collectives in the Spanish Revolution - by Gaston Leval (2018 Updated & Improved Edition)

A new, updated, and improved edition of a classic of anarcho-syndicalist economics -- a detailed eyewitness and analysis of the successes and struggles of a libertarian socialist economy

Senex's Letters on Associated Labour

The oldest complete work of socialist economic theory

Workers' self-management in Algeria - Ian Clegg

Ian Clegg's history of workers' self-management in Algeria following the Algerian Revolution.

On The Understanding of Authority

The second article I wrote about Engels' essay. It takes a new approach to the topic.

Make Rojava Green Again

A pamphlet on social ecology in the context of the Democratic Federation in Northern Syria (Rojava).

Free cities: communalism and the left

The last collection of essays written by Murray Bookchin before he died.