Leonard Peltier

Love & Rage Vol. 2 No. 1, January 1991

Vol 2, Issue 1 of Love & Rage.

Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 11, 1983(?)

Issue 11 of Anarchist Black Dragon, seemingly the last one produced. This issue has extensive reprints of other newspaper stories, as well as a letter from Kuwasi Balagoon continuing the debate on Black nationalism, updates on the Leonard Peltier case, Native American struggles and more.

Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 10, Spring 1982

Issue 10 of Anarchist Black Dragon. This was the first issue published after the murder of Carl Harp. It features extensive tributes to Harp, including from Mark Cook of the George Jackson Brigade, updates on prison struggles and repression against Native Americans including Leonard Peltier, a defence by John Bosch of his "Dungeons & Dragons" article criticising Black nationalism from issue 8, international prisoner news from the USSR, Spain and Canada, and more.

Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 8, February 1981

Issue 8 of Anarchist Black Dragon. This issue was mainly edited by the outside solidarity committee based in Montreal as the inside members of the ABD collective were all underground, in restrictive segregation or had been exiled to other prisons as a result of their active involvement in the struggle. Features news of charges being dropped against Carl Harp, a strike movement at Walla Walla, a letter from an ex-SLA member, a trial following from the Pontiac uprising in Illinois, the Marion Federal Control Unit, Leonard Peltier, a controversial article called "Dungeons & Dragons" criticizing Black separatism, a review of Discipline & Punish, and more.

North American Anarchist Vol. 1, No. 4, April/May 1980

Issue #4 of the North American Anarchist, with articles on war, the Quebec independence referendum, technology and the land, the Kamalla Miller custody case, direct action against the proposed Seabrook nuclear power plant, repression against Greek anarchists, anarchist feminist notes, prison news including a Leonard Peltier update, reviews including The Guillotine at Work by Maximoff and Dario Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist, unrest in Poland, a coal wildcat in Appalachia, a CNT congress and an interview with an FAI militant, Cienfuegos books, an ACF conference report and more.