Marching Altogether: Interview with a member of Leeds Fans United Against Racism and Fascism

Marching Altogether

This is an interview with a member of Leeds Fans United against Racism and Fascism (the first football fan-based group in Britain set up specifically to fight racism) from the Leeds Anti Fascist Action newsletter 'Attitude' in Spring 1994 along with issues of LFUARAF's fanzine 'Marching Altogether'.

Kaplan, Iacov aka Jacob Caplan, 18??-1933

Kaplan and his wife Rosa in 1900

A short biography of Jacob Caplan, stirring anarchist orator, active in Leeds and London.

Yorkshire journalists to strike over job losses

Journalists in Leeds are to hold two four-day strikes over job cuts.

Work-to-rule on Leeds bins

Refuse collectors and street cleaners in Leeds will be taking industrial action over the Christmas period.

British nazi leader hospitalised

Eddy Morrison, leader of the fascist British People's Party was attacked and hospitalised today in Leeds as local people opposed to race hatred disrupted a meeting of the group.

MacQueen, William 'Billy', 1875-1908

William "Billy" MacQueen

A short biography of English anarchist William "Billy" MacQueen who was active in Leeds until emigrating to the US.