Unison paid officials caught sabotaging leadership election

Crooked bureaucrat: Linda Perks

A whistleblower within Unison's London region has leaked an audio recording of a meeting of paid officials flagrantly breaching the union's rules by working for the election campaign of the incumbent general secretary, Dave Prentis.

More leaks expose depth of attack on civil service terms and conditions

Civil servants on strike, 2007

On September 28, the Cabinet Office wrote to all HR directors across the Civil Service, instructing them to review terms and conditions with a clear view to rolling them back. The letter was this month leaked to the Guardian, who exposed plans to extend working hours, cut annual leave and attack other benefits like flexi time. The detailed policy document that accompanied this letter has now also been leaked.

Canadian Labour Congress sells out students!

Attached documents from the Provincial Labour Central of Quebec and the Canadian Labour Congress designed to wipe out any Canadian union assistance to the radicals in the Quebec student movement.