Reaganism isn’t the problem – capitalism is!

Text from a leaflet that was distributed at an anti-Reagan rally in New York in March 1982 by the Libertarian Workers Group.

Blood on the line: resistance, empire and repression at the border

Text from a flyer distributed at the May 2nd (2009) demonstration in front of the county jail in Phoenix.

Insurgent Notes - N17 Flyer

A flyer by Insurgent Notes regarding N17 and how to expand the OWS movement.

(re)Occupy Melbourne leaflet

Leaflet handed out at Occupy Melbourne 2.0 on 29th October

When Push Comes to Shove

Leaflet produced by left communist journal, Insurgent Notes, for the #Occupy movement.

The Power of Working Class Solidarity

Pamphlet by the Madison IWW branch. Intended as a follow-up to Kill the Bill:The Power of a General Strike.

Only the beginning of their offensive

Leaflet distributed by Manchester Class Struggle Forum at both Manchester universities on Tuesday the 22nd of March and Thursday the 24th of March 2011.

Pranks R Us

the billboard liberation front manual

Stress: A Social Dis-ease

leaflet reprint by nasty secretaries liberation front