Ken Knabb

Public Secrets: Collected Skirmishes of Ken Knabb, 1970-1997

Ken Knabb's collected writings, zines, comics, broadsides, and a hand full of translations.

Notes on Society of the spectacle - Ken Knabb

Guy Debord at a flour mill

Helpful notes on Guy Debord's seminal text, Society of the Spectacle, put together by translator Ken Knabb.

Situationist International anthology - Ken Knabb

E-book of the most comprehensive collection of writings of the Situationist International in English translated and compiled by Ken Knabb.

The joy of revolution - Ken Knabb

Ken Knabb's book The Joy of Revolution which examines the pros and cons of diverse radical tactics and speculates on how a stateless, classless, post-revolutionary society may function.

Remarks on Contradiction and its failure

Ken Knabb's notes on the US pro-situ group Contradiction of which he was a member, it's work, dissolution and 'failure'.